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    Seminar on "The Process of Assimilation and Integration of Pearl River Delta" (10 Nov 2011)


    Hong Kong Institute of Planners
    Seminar on "The Process of Assimilation and Integration of Pearl River Delta”


    Professor Ma Xiong-ming, Chief Town Planner of the Guangdong Provincial Planning Academy 马向明教授,广东省城乡规划设计研究院总工程师
    Date:  10 November 2011 (Thursday)
    Time:  6:45 – 8:15 pm
    Place:  The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building, The Theatre on 7/F, 21 Pak Fuk Road, Quarry Bay, (near Quarry Bay MTR Station, Exit C)

    The Pearl River Delta is fast assimilated and integrated into one enormous urban region.  The most notable example is the assimilation of two large cities of Guangzhou and Foshan into one and single urbanism.  Guangzhou and Foshan are being integrated in industrial production, transportation, finance, communication, environmental protection and livelihood.  New transport routes are being constructed between the two cities. The water treatment of rivers running in the middle of two cities and the reduction of air pollutions are being carried out in a co-ordinated manner. The telephone networks are also being merged and calls between Guangzhou and Foshan will no longer subject to long-distance charges in the near future. Similar efforts are being taken place between Shenzhen and Donguan, and in fact among the nine cities of Pearl River Delta.
    It is imperative and timely for us to learn more about this regional urbanism movement, to which Hong Kong cannot distance itself from.  Professor Ma is indeed well placed to give us an overview of this urbanism trend and he will cover all the important policies, strategies and trends of the Pearl River Delta assimilation and integration.  Hopefully, we can gain insight as to Hong Kong’s future role in the Greater Pearl River Delta.
    About the Speaker
    Professor Ma is the Chief Town Planner of the Guangdong Provincial Planning Academy.  He graduated from University of Zhongshan and University of London (Master in urban Planning).  He is a member of both Regional and Urban Economy Committee and Urban Ecology Planning and Enhancement Committee of the Urban Planning Society of China. Since 1986, he began his professional planning practice and participated in the formulation of many important planning policies and strategies for Guangdong.  In 1994 and 2004, he participated in the formulation of the “Pearl River Delta Regional Co-ordinated Cities Development Plan” commissioned by the Guangdong Provincial Government. He has an in-depth understanding of the urbanisation process of the Pearl River Delta in the past 25 years. He obtained many important planning awards for his professional work, including the National Engineering and Design Gold Award for the “Pearl River Delta Regional Co-ordinated Cities Development Plan” (completed 2004), National Engineering and Design Bronze award for “Regional Open Spaces Planning for Guangdong” (completed 2004) and Ministry of Construction First Class Award for “Guangzhou Asian Games Village Detailed Planning” (completed 2010).

    (马向明教授,广东省城乡规划设计研究院总工程师,教授级高级规划师。本科毕业于中山大学,在英国伦敦大学获得城市规划硕士学位。中国城市规划学会区域规划与城市经济学术委员会委员和城市生态规划建设学术委员会委员。从1986年起一直在从事城市规划设计工作,参加了广东省大量的重要规划编制和规划政策制订。先后两次(1994年和2004年)参加了广东省委省政府主持完成的《珠江三角洲城市群协调发展规划 》的编制, 对改革开放以来广东省城市化的发展和进程有深刻的理解和见解。完成的项目得到了国家和社会的充分肯定,其中《珠江三角洲城市群协调发展规划 》(2004)于2006年荣获国家优秀工程设计金奖;《广东省区域绿地规划研究》于2004年获国家优秀工程设计铜奖;《广州2010年亚运村详细规划》于2010年获建设部优秀规划设计一等奖。)
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) equivalent hours : 1.5 hours
    Professor Ma will deliver his speech in Mandarin.
    Registration for the seminar will be on first-come-first-served basis and priority will be given to HKIP members including students.
    In order to recoup the rental charge for the room, attendance fee for seminar is HK$50.
    (Applicable to all HKIP, HKIE, HKIA, HKIS, HKILA, HKCILT members)
    Please contact HKIP for more details and fax or email your particulars to HKIP (Attn. Ms Monique Tai, Executive Secretary, HKIP, Tel. No. 2915 6212, Fax No. 2915 7616 or email at ) for reservation.
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