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Community Planning Committee


Term of Reference

  • To raise the understanding of the public towards the planning profession and the profile of the HKIP;

  • To act as a bridge between the less privileged sectors of the community and the Government;

  • To enable planners to get in touch with different segments of the community, particularly those who are less able to articulate their needs, and to perform advocacy planning on their behalf, if appropriate;

  • To conduct outreaching activities to demonstrate to the public that the social aspects of planning are equal importance to land use or physical planning; and

  • To undertake community projects that will have a long-term sustainable impact.


Member list of the committee (2019-20)

Ms Kate Kwok (Co-convenor)
Mr Louis Cheung (Co-convenor)
Ms Agnes So
Ms Alice Yeung
Ms Amy Mak
Ms Angela Lo
Ms Annie Kong
Ms Anson Yim
Mr Anthony Cheung
Mr Ben Cheng
Mr Benson Poon
Mr Calvin Kan
Ms Candice Lo
Mr Canon Wong
Ms Charlotte Ko
Ms Cheryl Yeung
Ms Clarice Ho
Ms Cynthia Lam
Ms Denise Ho
Mr Emerson Li
Ms Emily Ng
Mr Felix Ku
Mr Frankie Tsang
Ms Grace Cheung
Mr Hon-yip Wong
Mr Jaime Chan
Mr Jonathan Chow
Mr Joseph Chan
Ms Jovial Wong
Ms Joyce Tai
Ms Karen Chan
Mr Keith Wu
Mr Leo Chung
Ms Mandy Wong
Ms Manqi Yang
Mr Matthew Tai
Ms Natalie Yim
Ms Ophelia Wong
Mr Peter Wu
Ms Rebecca Li
Mr Robin Chan
Mr Sam Kong
Ms Sandy Chan
Ms Sharon Chan
Ms Simone Tang
Mr Thomas Luk
Mr Tony Yip
Ms Vanessa Chung
Ms Vanessa Liu
Ms Victoria Kwok
Mr Vincent Lau
Mr William Chung