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Public Affairs Committee Saturday Morning Workshops

  • HKIP Office Unit No. 201, 2/F, Prosperity Millennia Plaza, 663 King's Road,. North Point, Hong Kong (map)

PAC Saturday Morning Workshops : 11th and 18th January 2014 (9:30-12-30)

From Bitter Debates to Planners’ Answer

Long Terms Housing Strategy, Hung Shui Kiu New development Area, Control on Advertisement Lightings, Rock Cavern for Shatin Sewage Treatment Plant, Setting up of a Harbour Authority, Population Policy, Enclaves in Country Parks, Solid Waste Disposal/Recycling, Monorail System for Kai Tak and East Kowloon, Review of Heritage Conservation Policy………these are just some of the public issues on which the HKIP is being called upon to offer its views and responses in the past six months. Indeed among the most bitterly debated topics and issues in the past decade, urban planning related ones take up a substantial portion. This trend will continue.

The PAC have been trying to tackle each topic/issue through arranging briefing session, holding internal discussion, drafting position paper, attending public/LegCo hearings etc. The effectiveness of these efforts is constrained by the limited time and resources we can afford on individual topics/issues.

Sure those public topics/issues are wide ranging in scope and complex in each one of them. However, their flourishing at this juncture reveals an overarching question hovering above the community in deep stress : where is this city going?

Where do we, as an Institute and individual planners, stand? How do we make our voice heard?

Planners are supposed to make solid contribution towards identifying solutions for the city, and helping solutions to materialize. The PAC should look for a holistic solution framework for the question fronting this city. Such a framework will guide ours views/responses to various individual topics and issues.

In order to move in this direction, the PAC is arranging two consecutive Saturday Morning Workshops on 11thand 18th January 2014. The objective of the Workshops is to identify planners’ answer to the question : where should this city be going?

In the first session, we will review the endowment: the strength and weaknesses of HK’s urban development. We will also define the emerging trends facing HK : the opportunities and threats.

In the second session, we will try to identify planners’ vision for HK.

The format of the Workshops will be participatory in nature. No lectures will be given. Depending on the number of participants small group discussions will be held. A Discussion Guide will be circulated before each session. We do not expect participants will arrive at unified views but PAC will gauge the range of views among members to assist its future discussion on individual topics.

ALL Members of HKIP are invited to take part in the Workshops.