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35th Anniversary Celebration Logo/Slogan Competition

Dear Members,


There have been many changes in requirements and expectations of planners' work in the last 35 years. Since the founding of the HKIP in 1979, we have witnessed substantial development in our new towns in the 70's and 80's as well as our statutory planning system since the mid-80's.  However, the work of planners today involves much more procedural duties that drain much of our creative minds in identifying innovative solutions to our more and more complex urban environment. 


At the 35th Anniversary year of HKIP, it is opportune for planners to rethink our roles in the society.  By its nature, "planning" is to make things happen and is an important tool in effectively managing the numerous and rapid changes facing our social, economic and physical environment. "Planning" does matter in making a difference and it is planners' responsibilities to approach the ever shifting nature of our work in making a positive impact to our society.  

In this 35th Anniversary year, we are organising a number of activities around the theme of rethinking planners' role in making a positive impact to our society. We are asking our Members to help design a logo concept and a slogan to clearly put this message across. You are cordially invited to put on your creative hats and provide us with your suggestion of a logo concept and a slogan for the HKIP 35th Anniversary year.

Please submit your entry to the HKIP Secretariat either by fax (Fax No. 2915 7616) or email ( before 5:30pm on 23 May 2014 (Friday). Please refer to the “Submission Guidelines” for further information on the submission requirements. 

Submission Guidelines:


As a token of our appreciation, the selected submission(s) will be awarded one free seat in the 35th Anniversary Dinner.


We look forward to receiving your invaluable input.


Yours faithfully,


Raymond Lee