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Technical Visit (May 2019)

The Greater Bay Area (GBA), with a marked increase in its economic strength and regional competitiveness, possesses to develop into an international first-class bay area and a world-class city cluster. The promulgation of the Outline Development Plan for the GBA in February this year signified a new milestone in the development of the GBA. To grasp a better understanding of the GBA, the Mainland Liaison Committee is organising a technical visit to three of the GBA cities, namely Jiangmen (江門), Zhongshan (中山) and Zhuhai (珠海) (including Hengqing (橫琴)), in the western part of the Bay area. The 4-days-3-nights visit includes tours to some of the latest technology parks and innovation/commercial districts in the region as well as local historical and eco-tourism sites. Subject to further confirmation, meetings with planners from the local planning associations may also be arranged.

Details of the Technical Visit
(subject to change; final version to be released upon confirmation)

25/5 (Sat)
Day 1 – 江門 交通:西九龍 -> 廣州南 -> 江門
[高鐵 G6582:西九龍 08:30 -> 廣州南 09:28 (暫定)]
考察:江門市規劃展覽館、高新產業新城 (暫定)
酒店:新會碧桂園鳳凰城酒店 (暫定)

26/5 (Sun)
Day 2 – 中山
交通:江門 -> 開平 -> 中山
考察:馬鞍島裝備製造基地、深中通道、翠亨新區、岐江新城、火炬開發區 (暫定)
酒店:中山金華悅酒店 (暫定)

27/5 (Mon)
Day 3 – 珠海
交通:中山 -> 珠海
考察:珠海市規劃展覽館、十字門中央商業區、珠海保稅區 (暫定)
酒店:珠海誠豐場希爾頓歡朋酒店 (暫定)

28/5 (Tue)
Day 4 – 横琴
交通:珠海 -> 横琴 -> 港珠澳大橋珠海口岸 -> 香港口岸
考察:粵港澳合作產業區、粵澳青年創業谷區 (暫定)

Cost: $2,800 (Shared Room) / $3,600 (Single Room) per person, all inclusive
(Subject to change; depend on the total number of attendees.)

Participant: All HKIP Members (Target number of attendee: 20)

Accommodation:4-star hotels (or equivalent)

Please register your interest by Monday, 6 May 2019. A confirmation email would be sent out to the participants no later than Monday, 13 May 2019.

For registration, please sign up the Google Form:

Participation to the technical visit is on first-come-first-served basis.

For enquiry, please contact Monique at 29156212 .

Mainland Liaison Committee
The Hong Kong Institute of Planners