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HKIP @RTHK5 Radio Program (24 September 2019)

As one of the 40th Anniversary celebration events of the HKIP, and with a view to raising the profile of our town planning profession and promoting the community’s awareness of the contribution of town planners, we have collaborated with RTHK5 in the broadcasting of a radio program - 香江暖流.

Ms Iris Tam will be the coming guest speaker who will share the stories of urban renewal in Hong Kong on the radio program.

Please support us by turning on your radio and spread the words to your friends and families.

It’s coming TUESDAY (11 am; 24 September 2019). Stay tuned!

More about Iris Tam
Iris Tam is a veteran town planner who has served in the forefront of HK urban development for over 35 years. She started her career in the Government and subsequently ran a private planning consultant firm for some 16 years before joining the Urban Renewal Authority in 2006. She was the Managing Director when she left the URA in 2015. In the past three years, she has been offering professional services on town planning and property development.

Ms Tam was the President of Hong Kong Institute of Planners in 1995-97. She has always been active in public services related to public housing and the environment in particular. She is now a member of the Subsidized Housing Committee of the HK Housing Authority.

HKIP 40th Anniversary Working Party