Membership Classes



An Honorary Member is a person not professionally engaged in the practice of town planning but who the Institute desires to honour by reason of his or her work for the Institute, or in town planning or related fields.


Every applicant for election as a Fellow shall have been a Full Member of the Institute for at least ten years and shall satisfy the Council that he or she has been in a senior position in Government service or the private sector for a least five years; and has made significant contribution to the work of the Institute or town planning in Hong Kong. 


A Full Member must meet all the Institute’s requirements for a fully qualified professional town planner and must be elected to this class by the Institute. 

either possesses a recognised professional town planning institute membership and relevant town planning related work experience; or

  • have been a Student of the Institute for not less than one year, and possesses a degree in town planning or other appropriate qualifications together with relevant work experience; and

  • have passed a Qualification Examination prescribed by the Institute, unless otherwise exempted; and

  • have suitable and corroborated planning experience and knowledge and is generally suitable for election as a Full Member.

‘Special entry’ Full Members are an exception and are required to have an academic qualification of ‘acceptable’ planning content and at least 10 years of planning experience. 


Any qualified overseas planner residing temporarily in Hong Kong may apply to be elected as a Visiting Member. No person shall be permitted to hold such membership for more than one year. Visiting Members shall not have any designatory titles of the Institute. 


Any Fellow or Full Member who has retired from practice as a town planner may apply to be a Retired Member (if he or she does not wish to retain the existing class of membership). 



A Student is a person:

  • who possesses qualification required to take the town planning examinations of institutes or universities recognised by the Institute; or

  • who is engaged in studies in town planning such as would qualify him/her on completion for transfer to a higher grade of membership of the Institute; or

  • who has completed studies in town planning but is yet to satisfy the Institute’s requirements to transfer to a higher level of membership. 


An Affiliate shall possess a qualification or experience in a development field related to town planning but may not have a planning degree or diploma per se. Affiliates shall not have any designatory titles of the Institute.

Note: Of the above, only Full Members and Fellows have voting rights on the Institute's business. Visiting, Honorary or Retired Members or persons listed as Students or Affiliates of the Institute have no voting rights. 


Becoming a Member



Membership of the Institute shall not be restricted by reason of citizenship, nationality, gender, race, religion or length of residence in Hong Kong. It shall however be restricted to those, for the time being, residing (i.e. ordinarily resident) in Hong Kong, except in the case of Honorary Members.

An applicant will need to fulfill every necessary requirement under the respective Constitution and Bye-laws by the day of the meeting of the Membership Board when the application is to be considered. No advance approval of any membership application will be given.


The Entrance Fees and Annual Subscriptions of Fellows, Full Members, Students and Affiliates are as set out in the table below but may be varied from time to time as recommended by the Council and confirmed by resolution in an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting:


Membership Board Meeting Schedule

Deadline for Submission Date of Meeting
31 Aug 2018 (Fri) 22 Sept 2018 (Sat)
5 Oct 2018 (Fri) 10 Nov 2018 (Sat)
16 Nov 2018 (Fri) 15 Dec 2018 (Sat)
21 Dec 2018 (Fri) 26 Jan 2019 (Sat)
22 Feb 2019 (Fri) 23 Mar 2019 (Sat)
4 Apr 2019 (Thur) 4 May 2019 (Sat)


  1. The scheduled meeting dates are subject to change.

  2. Additional session(s) would be arranged prior to the date if too many applications are received.