Announcing New Members (29 March 2018)

The Council at its meeting on 28 March 2018 agreed to endorse recommendations made by the Membership Board on the admission of the following new members:


Full Members:
Ms Elizabeth NG
Mr TSOI Tak Chun
Mr CHOW Chun Chi, Cecil
Mr KWOK Chung Kit

Student Members:
Mr CHENG Hiu Fung, Leon
Ms KO Oi Ching
Ms NG Fook Yee
Ms LIAO Yan Hong
Ms JANG Rung Er
Ms TSE Hiu Lam
Mr WONG Tim Shun
Mr KUNG Lok Ting
Mr KONG Wing Sum, Sam
Mr CHENG Wai Yeung
Ms LAM Lok Ka
Mr Woody LIN
Ms CHONG Yuen Ting
Ms DUEN Long Yee
Ms Rachel LO
Mr LIM Tse Kang, Mark

On behalf of the HKIP Council, please join me in congratulating their becoming new members of the Institute.

Honorary Secretary
29 March 2018