Important Notification: HKIP Council Election 2018

I refer to the previous notice dated 2 May 2018 regarding the same captioned subject.

Please note that the nominee’s name of “Ms LEE Kin Na” should read as “Ms LEE Ki Na”.  As per the decision made by the Council, we hereby declare that the ballot form, which has been posted to you earlier, is still valid.  All ballot forms that have a tick (“√”) in the box of “Ms LEE Kin Na” shall be considered to vote for “Ms LEE Ki Na”.  

We take the view that it was a clerical error with no confusion arising as the candidate is clearly identified in the Short Notes of the Nominees sent with the election notice.

Please be reminded that the completed ballot form shall be sealed in the return envelope provided, and returned to and shall reach the HKIP office at Unit No. 201, 2/F, Prosperity Millennia Plaza, 663 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong not later than 5:30 p.m. on 24 May 2018 (Thursday).  Members can also return by hand the ballot form, sealed in the return envelope provided, to the HKIP office during normal office hour before the closing time and date specified above.  Late submissions will not be accepted or counted. 

Thank you for your attention.


Honorary Secretary

by order of the Council

4 May 2018