HKIP Announces Its Position on Land Supply for Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) has today (27 August 2018) submitted a position paper (link here) to the Task Force on Land Supply, responding to the call for views in the public engagement exercise.
After an in-depth study of the Public Engagement Digest on “Land For Hong Kong : Our Home, Our Say”, the HKIP has prepared a position paper to set out its view on land supply for Hong Kong. The main points are as follows:


(1) There is a clear demand for land.

(2) Hong Kong should adopt a strategic planning-led approach and the Hong Kong 2030+ Strategic Plan should be strengthened.

(3) The well-established planning principles should be respected in the planning and development process.

(4) Land reserve has to be built up by adopting a multi-prong approach as early as possible.

(5) A standing, high-level, and representative Land Supply Commission should be set up to speed-up and monitor land supply progress, facilitate ideas generation and consensus building, and enhance public accountability and transparency on land supply.

(6) Integrated land use and transport/infrastructure planning should be embedded in the strategic plan. Infrastructure provision should be expedited.

(7) Land supply should be channelled into providing affordable housing desired by the society at large.

(8) Land supply options must be formulated, evaluated and selected under a comprehensive planning framework with effective and transparent mechanisms.

(9) Some of the options, including brownfield sites, agricultural land, reclamations, new development areas, have always been key components pursued by the Government. The real issue is how to properly plan and implement the options.

(10) Some of the options, including intensification of village type development zones, relocating/topside development of Kwai Tsing Container Terminals, reclamation part of the Plover Cove reservoir are really conceptual in nature and not supported by a well-grounded strategic plan, planning principles, policies or feasibility studies. The practicability of such options has not yet been established.


The Hong Kong Institute of Planners
27 August 2018


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