Walk DVRC Volunteer Recruitment

Walk DVRC (Des Voeux Road Central) is an initiative that aims to transform one of Hong Kong’s most central, polluted and least people-friendly stretches of road – from Pedder Street to Western Market – into an area that gives pedestrians and trams priority over other vehicular traffic. A walkable DVRC can serve as a core project for the overall improvement of Hong Kong’s deteriorating Central Business District. Walk DVRC will open possibilities for a new kind of catalytic open space to improve the health of the city and its people and enhance Hong Kong's image as Asia's World City.

Walk DVRC’s vision is to give this 1.4km section of road, once culturally rich and now choked with traffic, back to its people for enjoyment and for the good of the city. The Walk DVRC initiative proposes the creation of a vibrant model for an enhanced Central District with rigorous street management put in place to guarantee a pleasant, safe and business-friendly walking environment for all. A successful one-day trial back in September 2016 has demonstrated that the closure of DVRC to most traffic can, indeed, be successfully accomplished.

Walk DVRC also conduct extensive research to raise awareness and advance civic engagement with a view to influencing public policy to make Hong Kong a more walkable, liveable and loveable city. The current plans for a more walkable DVRC can be rolled out in phases and involves a road-sharing model to ensure the needs and concerns of the community at large are met. The plan is not only pragmatic and feasible, it can serve as a tried-and-tested guidebook for implementation of similar schemes that seek to revitalise urban core districts, such as Central, Hong Kong.


What we offer

Although these are unpaid opportunities, Walk DVRC Ltd can offer a wide variety of experience and training for interested parties to experience - first hand - how Walk DVRC can become a new planning model for Hong Kong. Participants will be working with the Senior Project Manager (project lead and town planner) and Project Officer (community outreach) and will gain practical experience in urban planning & design, public realm & landscape design, community planning, transport planning, open space management, street management and community outreach strategy.

In particular, participants will have an active role in the preparation stage of the Transport Impact Assessment works and Street Management proposal, including street furniture audit, transport planning and public space planning and design. They will also have a chance to participate in community outreach activities and organise Planning Workshops to garner local views on the existing issues in DVRC as part of the community empowerment and engagement exercises.

Participants who wish to gain in depth knowledge in walkability, street management, revitalisation & preservation and liveable city can also participate in research exercises Walk DVRC are working in partnership with Civic Exchange, the leading think tank in Hong Kong, to deliver. This is a great opportunity for participants that wish to sharpen their research skills and gain specialist knowledge in urban design, planning, landscape architecture, public policy, social science and real estate management.


Scope of work

Depending on the level of skills and experience, participants will be involved in different projects. They can expect to be involved in the following areas of work:

• Street furniture auditing
• Traffic assessment
• Street management study
• Community planning/ outreach, including Planning Workshop planning, social media strategy and engagement strategy
• HK2030+ post consultation follow up works
• Placemaking strategy
• Local community revival strategy
• Research
• Walk DVRC September Event planning (TBC)
• Admin support

For longer-term interns, training will be given by Senior Project Manager to deliver specialist tasks. Certificate of training will be given to those who interns with Walk DVRC Ltd for more than 3 weeks.


Skills and experience required

Application is open to all participants of that wish to volunteer or intern with us. We would particularly welcome applicants with the following skills and experience

• Exposure to planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, geography, economics, real estate management, engineering, journalism, communication, government & law and social science issues
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Creative thinking and innovation
• Photoshop/ AI
• AutoCAD
• Research experience
• Social media exposure, esp. KOIs
• Photography and video taking experience



Volunteering: flexible, can be on a one-off basis arrangement or fixed days per week.

Intern: minimum 14 days.

Special arrangements can be made for students seeking industrial placements.


Application method

Application is open all year round.

Volunteers: please provide a brief CV outlining your skills and experience for job matching purposes.

Interns: please provide a detailed CV and around 400 words explaining why you wish to intern with Walk DVRC and what you would like to gain from this internship experience.


Please submit your application to info@walkdvrc.hk.