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Public Affairs Committee

Public Affairs Committee.jpg


To form and provide professional views and position of the Institute on planning as well as territorial-wide issues.


Terms of Reference

  1. To gauge views of members on planning and territorial-wide issues.

  2. To provide professional views and advice to Government as well as the public on planning issues.

  3. To present views and positions of the Institute on territorial-wide issues.

  4. To raise public awareness of issues relating to planning.

  5. To promote the status and image of planning profession through 2,3&4.

  6. To liaise with media on views and position of the Insitute.


Member list of the committee

Mr Kenneth To (Convenor)
Mr Ivan Chung (Convenor)
Dr Eunice Mak
Mr Raymond Lee
Ms Fiona Lung  
Mr Kim On Chan
Prof Bo Sin Tang  
Ms Caroline Chan
Ms Vicky Ma                                        
Ms Rosa Tse                
Ms Kaman Kan    
Ms Jacqueline Cheuk
Mr Billy Au Yeung        
Mr Jeffrey Wong