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Public Affairs Committee

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To form and provide professional views and position of the Institute on planning as well as territorial-wide issues.


Terms of Reference

  1. To gauge views of members on planning and territorial-wide issues.

  2. To provide professional views and advice to Government as well as the public on planning issues.

  3. To present views and positions of the Institute on territorial-wide issues.

  4. To raise public awareness of issues relating to planning.

  5. To promote the status and image of planning profession through 2,3&4.

  6. To liaise with media on views and position of the Insitute.


Member list of the committee (2018-19)

Mr Kim Chan (co-convenors)
Ms Michelle Yuen (co-convenors)
Ms Sharon Liu (co-convenors)
Mr Roger Tang
Mr Lawrence Chau
Ms Sam Lok
Ms Iris Tam
Mr Edwin Tsang
Mr Alan Lau
Mr TW Ng
Mr Stanley Ng
Mr Sing Lau
Ms Hiu-lam Tse
Mr Thomas Luk
Mr Edward Lo