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Guidelines for Completing CPD Record Form

* This set of guidelines should be read in conjunction with “What is CPD?

1. What Counts for CPD hours? CPD Categories and Annual Requirement

There are 3 categories of CPD requirement, namely:

Category A: Education and Training (min. 5 hours)
Category B: Professional Activities (min. 5 hours)
Category C: Personal Development (min. 5 hours and max. 12 hours)

The minimum annual CPD requirement for each member is 25 hours, except full time students and retired members who are exempted.

Members must carry out a minimum of 5 hours of CPD for each category. For category C, however, an upper limit of 12 hours only is accountable to meet the 25-hour requirement.

2. Relevant CPD

What may or may not be included as relevant CPD for each of these categories is listed below. The list is not exhaustive and the CPD Committee may consider other items suggested by members. As a general rule for all categories, day-to-day work and job-related activity should not be counted as CPD.

Category A: Education and Training

These items must be planning related.

  • Attendance at formal, organized events such as conferences and seminars.

  • Participation in formal training courses, whether conducted through work or privately arranged study. 

  • Research for and writing articles for journals. 

  • Writing and publishing book reviews.

Category B: Professional Activities

These activities may be less formal than Category A but imply an active participation by members. They must also be planning related.

  • Technical tours. 

  • "Workshops" including those held in the workplace which provides greater exposure to planning issues. 

  • Public forums. 

  • Committee work, such as for the Institute or other public bodies. 

  • Giving lectures or audio-visual presentations.

Category C: Personal Development

This may be planning related but may also include wider skills that will enhance your competence as a professional planner.

  • Structured reading should be directed at reading professional journals, books, articles on the worldwide web and other publications perhaps as part of research on a particular topic. 

  • Various forms of training such as language training, computer courses, marketing and business skills, project management, negotiation skills, etc.

Reading the daily paper or other journals should not be included as CPD unless it is part of self-guided research on certain planning issues.

Please bear in mind that if the CPD Committee requests you to submit your CPD record for assessment, you may need to provide evidence of the CPD activities that you have undertaken.

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First issue: 2000
This revision: June 2006