Design and alignment of Road P2 (April 2007)


Although the Queen’s Pier will cease to function as a pier on 26 April 2007, the administration has promised that utmost efforts will be made to preserve the structure of the pier at a location, which will be subject to genuine public consultation in the context of the design study for the Central Harborfront area.  In this light, although the pier structures will be dismantled soon, the possibility of their being re-assembled at the original location still exists. It is the Government’s responsibility to ensure the in-situ re-assembled option is kept open. In this connection, the Government should proceed with time consuming statutory procedures immediately including the gazette of the P2 road re-alignment to allow for the in-situ preservation option.



The alignment of Road P2 will pass through an area rich with Hong Kong’s early history. Important heritage elements have to be demolished to make way for its construction. Design of the Road P2 should therefore incorporate these elements such as the Star Ferry Clock Tower and the Queen’s Pier. The “How” and “What” must be thoroughly discussed among stakeholders before decision is made. Before the construction of the new road together with the associated reclamation works, this part of the harbourfront is easily accessible by the public. Upon completion of the new road, the same if not better public accessibility to this part of the waterfront must be ensured.



Public Affairs Committee

Hong Kong Institute of Planners

April 2007