Enhancing Land Supply Strategy Study - Stage 2 Public Engagement (Jun 2013)

Comments on the Enhancing Land Supply Strategy Study - Stage 2 Public Engagement

HKIP - PAC comments on land supply strategy.pdf


Enhancing Land Supply Strategy – Stage 2 Public Engagement -

Reclamation Outside Victoria Harbour


Comments of the Public Affairs Committee of the HKIP


In response to the Stage 2 Public Engagement of Enhancing Land Supply Strategy – Reclamation Outside Victoria Harbour and Rock Cavern Development released by the Government, we have the following comments.


1.   The concept of holding a number of reasonably sized land reserves is considered a prudent and strategic approach in city planning and development. However this needs to be based on a holistic assessment of need, priorities, environmental protection, viability, and urban design.  It is therefore important that all investigations should examine these aspects from all perspectives, not merely on the basis of engineering feasibility.


2.   Land uses in a city normally comprise long term developments which conform with planning intentions promulgated in zoning plans and development strategies, as well as short term uses and supporting trades and activities of a transitional nature but functionally essential. Thesemay include sites required for holding construction waste, excavation materials, and some for swopping with existing large public utility installations in order to release the respective urban sites for other suitable land uses. This also applies to future large installations under planning. With new sites such as on reclamations outside the metro area, they need not encroach on the existing urban area or intrude into theestablished new towns.


3.   Although Hong Kong is commended for being highly efficient with its compact city form, a general concern about potential development of ‘walled’ building forms in the metro area and demand for improved quality to the built environment would justify efforts to increase the land supply. It is also important that new reclamation areas should not merely form expedient sites for housing, but should establish interesting waterfront profiles for land-water interface, recreation and landscapeamenities.  Comprehensive studies should also examine the potential of relocating certain existing urban uses on new reclamations, making way for new and potentially more appropriate uses on older existing sites.


4.   We respect the overarching principles of protection of the Victoria Harbour. Given the above reasons, it is considered that there aresufficient justified causes for investigating the potentials of reclamations outside the Victoria Harbour.


5.   We would nevertheless examine the findings of the subject study cautiously before concluding our support if any, to specific reclamation and cavern development proposals.



Public Affairs Committee

The Hong Kong Institute of Planners

21 June 2013