HKIP Awards 2019 – Invitation for Submissions

Submissions are now invited for the HKIP Awards and Young Planner Awards 2019, the deadline for which is 23 August (see attached pamphlet).

Looking forward to your active participation and sharing with us your achievements !

Enquiries: Miss Mandy Wong (6125 1904) / Miss Lily LAU (9714 5616)


HKIP Awards 2018


Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) Awards are given annually to our members and related professionals in recognition of their outstanding achievements in town planning. Through the delivery of awards, we also wish to raise public awareness in good planning principles and practice, and to encourage pursuit of excellence amongst planners in Hong Kong.

This year, Young Planners Awards are introduced to encourage and honour active participation and contribution of our young planners to the planning profession in particular and community affairs in general, as well as to promote and foster professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm amongst themselves.

Event Calendar
Call for nominations 27 July – 27 September 2018
Adjudication Panel Meeting Mid October 2018
Awards Presentation Ceremony @ HKIP Annual Dinner Late November 2018
Newsletter featuring the winning entries Late November 2018
Theme seminar, exhibition and walking tours Early - Late January 2019

Adjudication Panel

Ms Fiona LUNG (President, Hong Kong Institute of Planners)
Mr Raymond LEE (Director, Planning Department)
Ms Iris TAM (Past President, Hong Kong Institute of Planners)
Mr K.K. LING (Former Director, Planning Department)
Mr Andrew LAM (Chairman, Antiquities Advisory Board)
Mr Colin CHUNG (Director, Hong Kong Green Building Council)
Mr Donald CHOI (Council Member, Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design)
Prof Edward NG (Professor, Yao Ling Sun Professor of Architecture, School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Prof Bo-sin TANG (Professor, Department of Urban Planning and Design, University of Hong Kong)
Ms Jovial WONG (Representative of 'Pang Jai' Study (HKIP Silver Award 2017))

Organising Committee Members

Mr Cho Ming LI (Chairman)
Ms Mandy WONG (Secretary)
Ms Jacqueline CHEUK
Ms Lily LAU
Ms Vanessa LIU
Ms Janice WONG
Mr Jeffrey WONG

Winning Entries 2018

HKIP Awards:


Project Title

Awards Winner
Silver Hung Fuk Estate - Harmony for Everyone Integrated Rural and Urban Living Starts with People-oriented Planning Housing Department
Silver Exhibition Nature - The "GREAT" Home Mount Pavilia, Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung New World Development Company Limited
Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited
Wong Tung and Partners Limited
AXXA Group Limited
Merit Sha Po Fairyland - A Pioneer Integration of Wetland Conservation with Residential Development in Hong Kong Llewelyn-Davies Hong Kong Limited
Merit 3D Planning and Design System - A Smart Planning Tool Planning Department
Merit Market Development in Sham Shui Po: A Model for Community Planning Implementation in Hong Kong Kwok Sin Kit, Kate
Cheung Ho Wing, Louis
Wong Cho Ting, Jovial
Kan Ka Ho, Calvin
Wong Hon Yip
Chan Hiu Yan, Sharon
Chung Wing Yee, Vanessa
Concern Group for Sham Shui Po Daytime Market
Concerning CSSA and Low Income Alliance
Concern Group for Revival of Food Bazaar Culture

Young Planners Awards:

Mr. Louis Ho-wing CHEUNG
Ms. LOK Hom Ning


HKIP Awards 2018 Newsletter

HKIP Awards 2018_newsletter Front Cover.jpg